Game of Groans

Ep. 35 - S04E04 Oathkeeper

February 08, 2022 Emily Bateman
Game of Groans
Ep. 35 - S04E04 Oathkeeper
Show Notes

This month on Game of Groans, Emily and Kate talk about Episode 4 of Season 4, Oathkeeper.

They discuss Google Docs vs. Microsoft Office, girl boss vibes, good scene transitions, dragon jewelry from the 90s, Agatha Christie novels, Kit Harrington's height, justice and sad babies.

Additionally, Emily is still convinced Daenerys is bad, Kate talks about her Jaime/Brienne ship and they both agree that Ser Pounce is adorable.

New episodes every month, the next episode is coming March 8th. Music is by Simon Daum.

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