Game of Groans

Ep. 42 - S05E01 The Wars to Come

September 13, 2022 Emily Bateman
Game of Groans
Ep. 42 - S05E01 The Wars to Come
Show Notes

This month on Game of Groans, Emily and Kate talk about Episode 1 of Season 5, The Wars to Come.

They discuss Doctor Who Spoilers, spooky eye rocks, that harpies are dope, dragons being symbolic of control, Lancell having “CW face”, gingerbread, dude butts, and problematic blonde women.

Additionally, Emily starts a new segment for this season, Kate questions the sustainability of leaving gold masks at murders, and they both realize the statue in Meereen is a harpy.

The Spoiler-free map mentioned in the episode is at

New episodes every month, the next episode is coming October 11th. Music is by Simon Daum.

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