Game of Groans

Ep. 59 - S06E08 No One

August 09, 2023 Emily Bateman and Kate Koballa
Game of Groans
Ep. 59 - S06E08 No One
Show Notes

This week on Game of Groans, Emily and Kate talk about Episode 8 of Season 6, No One.

They discuss whether the world of Westeros is flat, The Hound as John Wick, Mission Impossible, the business model of the House of Black and White, the Cabbage Guy, Tommen doing his best, the height of the pyramid and the Terminator.

Additionally, Emily decides this is her favorite season and they share excitement about the Jaime and Brienne reunion.
New episodes biweekly, the next episode is coming August 22nd. Music is by Simon Daum.

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