Game of Groans

Ep. 62 - S07E01 Dragonstone

September 26, 2023 Emily Bateman and Kate Koballa
Game of Groans
Ep. 62 - S07E01 Dragonstone
Show Notes

This week on Game of Groans, Emily and Kate about Episode 1 of Season 7, Dragonstone.

They discuss Season 7 hype, the Barbie movie, ED SHEERAN, Sam and Gilly’s rent, shaved heads, Little Caesar’s Pizza, Breath of the Wild, Jim Broadbent’s acting career and zombie movie logic.

Additionally, Emily is conflicted about her attraction to Jaime, Kate questions the intricacy of the Ironborn ships, and they are both confused by the Baratheon sigil on King’s Landing in the title sequence.

New episodes biweekly, the next episode is coming October 10th. Music is by Simon Daum.

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