Game of Groans

Ep. 32 - S04E01 Two Swords

November 09, 2021 Emily Bateman
Game of Groans
Ep. 32 - S04E01 Two Swords
Show Notes

This month on Game of Groans, Emily and Kate talk about Episode 1 of Season 4, Two Swords.

They discuss recaps that are helpful, Jaime's haircut, dumbass Joffrey, The Mandalorian, Jon Snow's new attitude, that Sansa would make a good queen, and the Hound: Local Celebrity.

Additionally, Emily does a horrible Jorah impression, Kate has questions about the Book of Brothers, and Emily gets mad at all the new places and people.

New episodes every month, the next episode is coming December 14th. Music is by Simon Daum.

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